Living Your Dreams in 2019- lead by Larisa and hosted by Jody Potiker

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Original Mike's, 100 South Main Street, Santa Ana, CA

Living Your Dreams in 2019: A Women’s Empowerment Experience

If money and time were not an issue, what would you do with all that love and passion that’s living inside you? What gives you energy and enthusiasm and lifts you up to make life meaningful? What are your innate gifts? What is your source of resistance?

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to attend “Living Your Dreams in 2019” hosted by Jody Potiker and led by personal coach and sacred sound singer, Larisa Stow. Jody will guide you to find your word of the year and Larisa will lead you through an inspiring process to align with your core values and intentions, igniting your passion to create results-based change. Turn your dreams into reality!

During this workshop together we will:

Raise your vibration with music and guided meditation and visualization to connect with your true-self and field of manifestation Uncover your word of the year Heartstorm~ your dreams and core values Create and share your 2019 Vision Board Envision your Ideal Day Work with a transformational Daily Planner to put dreams into action (optional) *Discover your source of fuel that will ignite and propel you forward to live your dream life

We are creating this experience to have general appeal whether you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person or are moving through life marching to your own drum.

SCHEDULE: 10 - 12am: Live music with Larisa, guided meditation and visualization, exercises to raise your vibration and awareness in order to tap into greater sources of inspiration, information and awareness.

12 - 1pm: Lunch and conversation

1 - 4pm: Vision board creation, group and partner connections and exploration of the
transformational daily planner.


FINANCIAL EXCHANGE: Because of my high level of confidence that you will walk out of this experience feeling it was one of the best things you ever did, I am doing something really different... I truly want you to have this memorable experience to kick off your new year.

I am offering a sliding scale of suggested donations. You will pay cash on your way OUT. Value is perceived and I want you to have the opportunity to determine the value of the day AFTER you have lived it. If you are anything like me, I often use money as a barrier to take actions that I know are good for me. I can easily spend $5 a day at Starbucks or dine out at fancy restaurants but when it come to doing something that will truly make a difference on a deeper level and contribute to a happier future, those darn little voices can kick in and take us in other directions. I do NOT want money to stop any of you from saying YES so I am surrendering and trusting that the guarantee that I have given Larisa will be not only be met but will overflow!

SLIDING SCALE: $50 - $150

Click on this link for what to bring: https://larisastow.com/living-your-dreams-in-2019