A mantra for clearing out negative energy and attracting abundance and mental acuity.

Shamanic, tribal, and ecstatic — to lose your mind, and yourself…

–  “Chamundayei, Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Ma” is SUCH a powerful mantra! Invoke cleansing and clearing of unfavorable aspects of the ego which may be holding you back from experiencing your authentic self. Chanting this mantra 108 times amplifies the effect, raising your vibration, creating soul/personality alignment, while the sacred vibrations of the mantra work to create the space for peace, wisdom, and providence to flow into your soul’s experience.

“Beautiful, Powerful, Inspiring song and deep profound music ~ I feel it beating in my heart as I listen! Very Ethereal & Enchanting ~ and empowering!”- M.H.

This compelling fifteen-minute yoga music piece chants the sacred mantra a full round of 108 repetitions over a mesmerizing bed of tribal drums and percussion. The recurring piano motif is pure ear candy, and Larisa’s voice is warm and inviting as the music begins, dropping into the hypnotically repetitive chant, calling on these aspects of divine feminine energy, Chamunda and Kali, to clear out illusions and attract alignment, abundance and mental acuity to oneself. 

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The instrumental version of Chamundayei is also included as part of this digital single, and stands on its own as a perfect ambient music piece for ceremonies, bodywork, yoga sessions, etc.