Quiet, devotional sacred music with gentle chanting and toning can perfectly set the tone for yoga, meditation, contemplation and relaxation. 

But sometimes you need a more cathartic inspirational experience.

Sometimes you just gotta rock out.

The album that put the rock in “sacred world mantra rock.” 

“Sat nam” is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “true identity” or “true name,” and Rock On Sat Nam is a powerful exhortation to rock on with your true self!

A soul-stirring and sonically seamless magic carpet ride of devotion, mantra and magic, Rock On Sat Nam is an ambitious and engaging album filled with drama, passion and groove; each song a journey with peaks and valleys.

  • “Whatcha Gonna Do?” Ganesha mantra sings into the truth of “there’s more love here than we know what to do with,” so knowing that you’ve got a whole lotta love, we’ve gotta ask you: “Whatcha Gonna Do with All That LOVE?”


  • “Kalikayei” Electrifying in-concert favorite “Kali MA!!”, the mantra invokes the archetypal superhero goddess Kali to cut away illusions of the mind and bring us to liberation. This rocker has the notable distinction of having the most video postings on social media from our shows than any other song on our setlist. 

  • “Rock On Sat Nam” – Seamlessly segueing between sweet and delicate passages, slamming beats with progressive rock flair, and cathartic verses delivered with intensity and passion, this epic and electrifying mantra rock excursion marks the genesis of “sacred world mantra rock.” See our blog post in this store to read the fascinating story of the making of this song.

  • “Om Mani Padme Hum”behold the jewel within the lotus. The jewel is love within our consciousness; without love, consciousness has no meaning. On a river of gently compelling soundscape, 108 rounds of this Tibetan Buddhist mantra bring the album to a serene and contemplative close, leaving the listener in a state of heart-connectedness. 

“Mind-boggling good music that doesn’t feel it has to be soft and fuzzy to be ‘spiritual.'” – C.B. 


1) Whatcha Gonna Do? 

2) Kali Ma Interlude

3) Kalikayei

4) You See Me

5) Kataka

6) Rock On Sat Nam! 

7) Saraswati

8) Innerview

9) Om Namah Shivaya

10) Guru Life

11) Om Mani Padme Hum (108x)

Available In mp3, FLAC, and WAV digital audio formats. Choose one, or all three! Digital download includes complete album art.