Celebrate peace, hope, and love in this magical blend of east-meets-west tribal mantra music.

These spirited acoustic-worldbeat Kirtan jams will blow away the blues and spark your divinity!

 The stripped-down production and live feel of The Shakti Sessions album showcase the newly-christened Shakti Tribe in a time of creative coalescing, experimentation, and simple celebration of the joy of music and mantra.  Three female singers deliver the shakti in spades, while the instrumentation of guitar, bass, and worldbeat percussion lay down consistently inventive foundations. Album co-producer Matt Malley (of Counting Crows) would declare loudly and repeatedly during the sessions that the performances here are “genius” and “bad-ass”!

Sanskrit mantras secure the higher vibrations, while English lyrics anchor the deeper meanings. Interspersed ‘Moments’ of gentle, compelling vocal toning are sweetly peaceful aural scapes for contemplation along the journey.

Highlights include:

    • The Peacemakers” – this powerful, uplifting anthem is one of Larisa’s most enduring songs. With call-and-response lyrics based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (love your enemies!), it is a concert favorite, and is sung at many churches. 
    • “Baby Blue” – a love song for the planet and a plea that we can all work to preserve her. Inspired by the courageous acts of ecological activist Julia Butterfly Hill. 
    • “Lakshmiyei” – the mantra for abundance “om shrim klim, maha lakshmiyei namaha” is propelled into the universe in this joyful acoustic-rock excursion. 
    • “Gayatri” – With a melody that seems to have come from a timeless place, Larisa’s rendering of the long form of the Gayatri mantra is sublime, haunting, and lingering. 

“This music has been life-changing, transformational and heart-opening. I love it. I completely fell in love with the band at Shaktifest, and now I listen to their music all the time. It brings tears of joy to my eyes frequently. The messages and the vibrations I feel are profound beyond any past experiences. Love and Blessings!!” – C.L. 


1) Lakshmiyei
2) The Peacemakers (Christian Peace Prayer)
3) Moment I: Peace
4) Kali Ma
5) Baby Blue
6) Moment II: Compassion
7) Ek Ong Kar
8) Gayatri
9) Final Moment: Love

This audio compact disc is packaged in a beautiful, eco-friendly six-panel digipak with printed photos and lyrics.

*prayer beads are for display purposes only and are not included with purchase of CD.