Take a magic carpet ride of pure Shakti Tribe medicine music. 

Imagine turning your hour-long commute into a vibration-raising infusion of passionate and enticingly dramatic music, perfectly cradling Larisa’s inspirational lyrics, all of which are infused with loving, healing intention and sung with breathtaking emotional authenticity…    

A river of music, mantra, and magic that flows from sweetly sublime to wildly ecstatic, and back again…. leaving you energized, inspired, and shining as the divine light you truly are.

This seamless blend of world beat, rock/pop, and sacred mantra will soothe and ignite your heart

Shakti Tribe’s signature weave of rock grooves and symphonic textures ebb and flow like the moon and the tide, while the vulnerability of Larisa’s shamanic vocal intonations teases out subtle energies that have been known to awaken the kundalini in listeners.

          Highlights include: 

    • “Aham Prema” – the Sanskrit mantra for “I am divine love” catalyzes awareness and celebration of our own Highest divinity. This punchy little anthem will rock your soul. 

    • “There Is A Field” – the timeless verse of the poet Rumi is set to a dramatic worldbeat atmosphere. 

    • “Adonai” – mystical ancient prayers in Hebrew take flight in this dramatic Pink Floyd-like paean in B minor. 

    • “Broken Temple” – a gentle song with dramatic flair about loving our own brokenness. 

    • “Maha Mantra” – the craziest rocking Hare Krishna mantra on the face of this planet. 

“There are not enough words to convey how much I am in LOVE with your new CD!  The first time I played it, I felt like I left the planet…chills vibrated my arms through my fingertips.  I cried in full love and appreciation…my heart and soul ignited and felt reconnected and deeply soothed!  Thank you!”  – Jenn H.


1) Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
2) Aham Prema
3) Broken Temple
4) There Is A Field (Rumi poem)
5) Interlude: Longing For Light
6) Adonai
7) Jeanie’s Song (I Am Everything)
8) Maha Mantra
9) Waves Of Yemaya
10) Soliloquy Of R.H. 

This digital download comes with complete album art.