A hot cup of inspiration, for the morning or anytime!

The answers we come up with for ourselves depend on how we frame the question. When the questions we ask presuppose a positive condition, our answers will tend to run positive as well. So start your day with these energetic and encouraging words — Shakti Tribe style!¬†
Based on Larisa’s lyrics to the song “Whatcha Gonna Do,” this fun and playful mug presents a most affirming question on the left-hand side, and a “preach it, sister!” rant of positivity and possibility on the right.

A true coffee lover knows that each variety of this aromatic drink deserves a special cup. This durable ceramic latte mug with high-quality sublimation printing makes it a gift appreciated by any latte drinker.

.: White ceramic
.: 12 oz (0.35l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle
.: Positive, affirming message