Why Slay Dragons When You Can Ride Them?

Dig in deep, my brothers and sisters.
Dig into the soil of your unconscious waters.

We are living in a house of mirrors
Co-creating a carnival of exaggerated spectacle to wake us up
Out of our deep intoxicating sleep.

When we suppress hidden wounds
When our thoughts and actions are miss-aligned with
the song of our soul
The wise Dragon rises from the waters of the unconscious
Takes over our world and
Creates a nightmare to jolt us awake.
Sound familiar?

The more we blame the monster dragon for our misery
the hungrier he becomes.
The more we judge and fight him,
the bigger he grows.
Cut off his head and another appears.
Run from him and he will infinitely chase after you.

Are you ready to awaken within the dream?
Lay down your sword,
Lay down your wall of judgment

Turn towards him
Gaze into his eyes

See the wounds he has carried in his watery portals
See the light of divinity in the windows of his soul
See your own reflection in the mirror he holds

He may want to eat you, let him
He may seek to breathe you in, let him

Return to your inner lighthouse
Incant prayers of sacred surrender
Lean into the holy well of your heart
Forgive yourself for holding back the
truth of who you are

The moment you merge with your dragon
Is the moment you will reclaim the power of your shadow

Judgment, inner and outer is
with compassion
Fear, inner and outer is
with peace

Child of creation
Awaken within the dream
Think wings
And they appear
Think fly
And you become weightless

Child of creation
Why slay dragons
when you can ride them?

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Larisa Stow

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